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[微講堂 – 初級] 超萌貓頭鷹咖啡館 你也想去嗎 Are You Really a Wise Old Owl?
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Level and major skills
Level suitable for
Lv 3 ~ Lv 5

3 major skills


Can use one word answers to questions but can't use these words to make sentences.


Can understand simple conversations and can answer questions using complete sentences.


Can use simple sentences to talk about a small number of topics for only a few minutes.


能聽懂日常生活淺易談話,如時間及地點等,但尚未能了解一般歌謠內容及辨識句子所表達的情緒及態度。 實例:能了解日常談話中「Awesome!」的字面意思,但無法根據情境及敘述者語氣來辨識敘述者表達此句時所反應的情緒及態度。

Student is able to listen and understand simple daily life conversations like time and location, but s/he cannot understand the emotions expressed in an English sentence or the meaning of a song. E.g. Student understands the meaning of "Awesome!" in daily conversation, but s/he cannot identify the speaker's emotion and attitude expressed based on the situation and manner of speaking."


能以簡易的英語表達個人的需求、意願和感受,且能描述和對答日常生活中相關的人事物及參與簡易的短劇表演。但尚未能以簡易英語介紹國內外風土民情及朗讀簡易文章,對於一般的自我介紹也尚未能掌握。 實例:能向外籍人士描述如何搭乘國內大眾交通工具旅行,但由於字彙量不足及不了解各國文化,而無法介紹其他國家的大眾交通工具。

Student is able to use simple English to express personal needs, feelings or emotions. S/he can also use simple English to describe things, people, events, places in their everyday life, as well as participate in a simple English short play. But S/he is not able to introduce foreign customs and cultures in simple English. E.g. The student is able to show a foreigner about how to use public transpiration in Taiwan, but s/he cannot introduce the public transportation in other countries due to the lacking of vocabulary.


能看懂簡單的句子並能藉圖畫、標題和書名猜測或推論主題。但無法辨識英文的連續書寫體(cursive writing),也無法藉視覺輔助了解簡易故事及兒童短劇的大致內容。 實例:能藉由繪本封面之標題或圖畫猜測知名繪本《The Very Hungry Caterpillar》的主題與主角為一隻很餓的毛毛蟲,但由於圖畫輔助有限,而無法透過繪本中的圖畫了解簡易故事的大致內容。

The student is able to guess the content of a book by its title or the pictures provided within. But s/he cannot read and understand simple stories and plays by using various visual aids. E.g. The student is able to guess the main character of the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" is a starving caterpillar. But the visual aid provided in the book is limited, the student is not able to understand the story well.

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